Fake Your Way Into Dutch – Language comedy for expats

A sketch in two parts by Dutch comedian and songwriter Jasper Smit. ‘Fake your way into Dutch’ is a comical introduction to Dutch language and culture. Originally written for Amsterdam language school Koentact, it is a 15-minute lesson, ending in a hilarious role play in which students have to road test Jasper’s ultimate Dutch pick up lines.

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With ‘Typisch Nederlands’, Jasper showcases his talent as a natural improviser when he invites the audience to speak frankly about their impressions of the Netherlands and the Dutch. The songs, made up on the spot, become shaped by the audience’s input and no two gigs are ever the same.

‘Fake your way into Dutch’ has been successfully performed for international students and expats from all corners of the world.

Jasper Smit (1978) has been a cabaretier and songwriter since 1998, and has well over a thousand performances under his belt. His obvious joy in getting to know an audience and irrepressible positive outlook never fail to charm.

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